Varya Korlov

The Beautiful and Seductive Primogen of Clan Tremere Who is Used to Getting Her Way


Name: Varya Korlov
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland at the End of Things
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Nature: Autocrat
Concept: Manipulative Vixen
Clan Tremere
Sire: Lhrcan the Mad (Deceased)

Apparent Age: Early 20’s
Date of Birth: 6th November 1932
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Russian
Eyes: Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Height: 5’4"
Sex: Female



If not for being in the wrong place at the right time, Varya probably would’ve had an unassuming life as the wife of a successful older man, drawing wealth and privilege before settling down as a matron involved in local politics. As it was, though, her raw glamour and predatory instincts made her not only a celebrated and desirable young woman in her rural Russian home, but also a prospect for the Tremere. It helped that her sire, Lhyrcan, was a once-affluent Tremere who’d succumbed to insanity, who could fathom why he whimsically chose this beauty for the Embrace? Of course, Varya exceeded the initial expectations of those who thought her merely a showpiece, perhaps her delusional sire did retain some cunning insight. It wasn’t enough to save him from his own childe; Varya chafed under the restrictions of a capricious, domineering sire, and arranged his demise through a pair of mortals whom she cajoled with teasing hints of intimacy.

Although an Embrace on a whim didn’t make for auspicious introduction to the Tremere, Varya carved out her own position in the clan. Already familiar with using people, she discovered that good looks alone wouldn’t get her far, but her willingness to break a few rules made up for it. Initially, her inexperienced attempts at intrigue only made enemies. Kindred weren’t easily enticed with sex appeal, and most were too canny to underestimate a woman. Varya didn’t quite suffer Lexatalionis, but her wantonly avaricious ways made her no allies.

With the end of the Cold War, Varya realized her opportunity to travel. Russia’s collapsing infrastructure meant that the government was much more lax about emigres. With nothing tying her to Russia-she had no loyalty to any family or friends there-Varya left to make her own way among Kindred, far from the courts she’d stumbled as a fledgling. She understood quickly that the stratified European society of the Damned held little room for a neonate Kindred with a reputation as a kinslayer, so she decided to go further abroad. In the interim, she developed her skills in intrigue, learning to sublimate her own desires and pretend to listen to and accommodate others. She mastered the battering technique of asking for far more than she ever hoped to achieve so that she could seem reasonable in a compromise, while still getting what she wanted—when seeking domain from a prince, she’d ask for twice the area she hoped to influence and for right to progeny besides; once both sides reached a compromise, she’d claim a small domain while still appearing to back down graciously from her initial demands. In every city she visited, she bound ghouls with the dual edges of the blood bond and her own lasciviousness, often surprising other Kindred with her resulting daylight resources. None of these ghouls ever survived her moving to another city as Varya had no desire to leave loose ends behind.

For now, Varya bides her time, eventually Regent Cohn Rose will err, slip up and then she will maker her move, and gain the authority of the city. She wishes to use the clan to broaden her skills, make contacts in many areas and learn tricks that other Kindred don’t know. Already she’s accumulated boons in multiple cities across the Americas (both North and South). In Columbus, South Carolina, she arranged for evening use of a local museum so that the Toreador Primogen could throw a presentation party for a new childe. In Paraguay, she managed to work a deal with a Sabbat-sympathetic Ventrue, trading some historical notes about the Mayan emigration for heretical Noddist lore desired by a Camarilla elder in the States who didn’t want to sully his image with direct Sabbat or Noddist ties. In all cases, she’ll take what she wants, she’ll find a way to get control, get more personal power and rule the city and chantry or so she hopes.

Image: The value of good appearance is not lost on Varya. Mortals and younger Kindred can often be swayed by a sexy demeanor, while many elders do pay attention to people who take the time to dress well in consideration of them. Varya therefore uses her beauty to advantage, carefully grooming her black hair and using makeup to offset her pallor. She keeps a set of three different ensembles ready for travel: a severe and conservative business suit, more casual eveningwear and sturdy khakis when in the field (that is, when the possibility of exertion or dirt comes up)

Though she’s only 5’4" tall Varya knows how to make an impression. She walks with confidence, holds people’s gazes with her own dark brown eyes when she speaks and never ever stumbles over her words. Her figure is curvaceous like that of a lingerie model.

Roleplaying: You’re the epitome of confident diplomacy. You speak with assumed authority, the regent will back you up as his primogen/attaché, and in any case your personality is forceful enough that you usually get what you want before that even becomes an issue. When the crunch comes, you yield and let people think that you’re a pushover. Then you snap back to take what you want. If someone confronts you, just assuage their concerns and agree. Only vent real vitriol when you are certain you have a position of strength. Behind the scenes, though, you easily use and discard people, and you’re even starting to acquire a perverse taste for entreating your enemies into compromising positions-pretend to befriend someone, then throw them away and watch with glee as “your friend” realizes that he was just a diversion.


Varya Korlov

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