Therese Marsee

Primogen of Clan Toreador


Name: Therese Marsee
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Rogue
Demeanor: Gallant
Concept: Stripper
Clan :Toreador
Sire: Sophia Ayes (Deceased)

Apparent Age:23
Date of Birth:1-4-1965
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: LDark Blue
Nationality: Caucasian/Arabic
Height:5’4 1/4
Sex: Female


Teri Duncan or Therese Marsee as she prefers to be called now a days was born and raised in a suburb outside of Chicago to a working class family. Her childhood was not a very happy one. Her mother died when she was 10,and her father began to sexually molest her when she was 12. It lasted until she was 15 and she ran away from home. Therese developed early and was a very pretty child. The abuse caused her to be over-sexualized and when she met her boyfriend she manipulated him using sex to help her to run away from home.

Eventually she ended up in downtown Chicago and was part of the blood doll sub-culture at the Succubus Club. It was where Sophia first saw Teri and recognized her abilities as a dancer, and was entranced by her seductive beauty. Sophia introduced herself to her and the two became fast friends and then lovers. Sophia revealed to Teri her true nature a little bit at a time before they became intimate with one another. They made love by sharing one another’s blood. Sophia had just been rejected by her sire Annabelle Triabelle. Ironically Teri felt safer with the vampiress than she did with most men thanks to her father. Both enjoyed the bliss of true love for several years.

One night Sophia took the feeding too far, and she ended up drinking Teri dry. Sophia panicking and weeping tears of blood desperately fed her vitae back to Teri until she awoke again and fed deeply from Sophia. Sophia blood bound Teri who at this time renamed herself Therese, but Terese was so in love with Sophia she was perfectly happy to be her abject slave. And Sophia was happy to have her passion and love reciprocated as she once envisioned with her sire Annabelle Triabelle. Sophia also became bound to Therese.

Sophia taught Terese all she knew about Clan Toreador and kindred society, including the traditions of which they had broken. She secretly pointed out the important kindred of Chicago. Therese’s dark secret is that she has never been presented to the Prince and has been kept a secret except from a very few among the Toreador clan.

MartinMartin Kingston the manager of License to Thrill strip club and Sophia’s ghoul told Therese of the sad news of Sophia’s demise and diablerization at the hand of Uthius a Caitiff. Therese felt immediately when Sophia was no more. She desperately wanted revenge and cried for Uthius’ blood, but this was denied to her because Uthius was killed by Werewolves under the Blood Red Moon.

Afterward she realized she could no longer remain in Chicago-The memories were too painful for her to bare. She also feared that if Prince Lodin found out of her existence, a blood hunt would be called. She decided that she must go west either to find a city to accept her or to live among the anarchs. There with Martin Kingston’s help,,she hoped,to recreate the Club Liscense to Thrill. She attempted to make a go of it in Battleground Washington, but the town was too small and conservative to accept such a club. She found what she was looking for in Portland with a very active club scene owned and operated already by the local Toreadors. She made the acquaintance Of Deidre Sterling who gave her a job dancing along with minor control of some of the Toreador interests.

After the Demise of Deidre, Terese took more direct control of the Toreador interests and was let in on a secret the Toreadors have been keeping since La Fete Des Arts December of 2007. Therese has a spacious penthouse apartment in downtown Portland near the rack. She feeds upon fellow strippers and female blood dolls. She cannot for some reason feed from men which given her former profession as an erotic dancer is a great disadvantage.

Therese was revealed by a Tremere informant. She will get her revenge later on that account, but fortunately the Toreador primogen who wields no small amount of influence sacrificed some of it and some of his resources on her behalf was able to strike an accord with the Nosferatu Prince to keep her in Portland. This came to her as a great relief.

Therese’s motivation is to firmly establish herself among the kindred of Portland. Perhaps she can obtain an office.

Terese has long dark brown wavy and luxurious hair which reaches her mid back. Therese sometimes has it cut short or puts it in interesting styles, but it always returns to the same length and style the following evening. She is glad that she had not cut her hair before her Embrace. She has very red lips and stormy dark blue almost purple eyes. When she is being seductive her eyes turn placid and lovely under long lashes. Her limbs are supple being embraced at her physical peak as a dancer.

Therese Marsee

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