Sabbat Pack Cruel Sisters: Tara McCullick

A Kook of the Kreepy Kind


Name: Tara McCullick
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Creepshow
Demeanor: Loner
Concept: Damaged Street Girl
Clan: Malkavian Anti-Tribu
Sire:Jerry Brudos?,,Bunny?,Keller Thiel?,Unsure…

Apparent Age:25
Date of Birth:11-28-1963
Hair: Black-Curly
Eyes: Brown
Race: Mix
Nationality: African Irish
Sex: Female


Tara McCullick was born the 28th November 1963 around the time Kennedy was assassinated. Tara had a chaotic home life with her father passing away when Tara was in her teens. The insanity lurking within her mother came to the forefront shortly after her father passed away. Tara was sent to live with an older sister who became Tara’s mother’s caretaker. Tara would often accompany her sister to visit her mother. It was not a pretty sight, Tara’s mother continued to deteriorate to the point that she had to restrained by a straight jacket, and later undergo shock therapy. This had a terrible effect on Tara. She eventually stopped visiting-it was too difficult for her but then guilt would overcome her and she would visit only from time to time. During one of her visits, her mother warned Tara that insanity was inherited. This haunted Tara.

Her mother died suddenly in the hospital, and Tara was actually haunted by her mother’s wraith. Tara was active in the Pagan community and also active in the political left. But more and more she began to hear voices. Little did she know it was her mother’s wraith speaking to her from the shadow lands. Her mother’s wraith would sometimes speak to her comforting words-at other times her mother’s ghost would torture her with accusations of abandonment and evilness. Tara was helpless against and inheriting her mother’s fragile psychological state, Tara’s friends would either find her conversing to the invisible air, or curled up weeping hearing terrible things about the people in her life believing them to the point that she often seemed paranoid.

During Tara’s more lucid periods, she remembered her actions and behavior, and became frightened of what she was becoming. She sought the help of councilors who then recommended her to psychiatrists. Tara began to lose larger and larger gaps of time. She could no longer hold down a regular job which made receiving help more difficult with the fits coming to her with ever more frequency, she soon lost her apartment and all her friends. She received the same diagnosis as her mother-Adult Onset Schizophrenia. She became another lost homeless casualty, receiving only intermittent aid and medications.

The Malkavian found her sitting on a park bench-The vampire had been watching her for a while and recognized a sister in madness. The Malkavian embraced her and left her to her own devices, watching what she would do next. After her Embrace, she looked for the thing which attacked her, but found nothing. The Malkavian was obfuscated nearby…Tara stumbled toward an overpass bridge and killed a Mexican day laborer sleeping there. She could clearly hear his heart beating loudly and his breaths. He was alone and she launched into him drinking deeply, but Tara needed more…with a brick Tara cracked open the rib cage and pulled the ribs to drink directly from the heart. Tara suffers the flaw of conspicuous consumption. Meanwhile her mother’s wraith-screamed in her ear that she was a monster. Tara knew she was right and had been right all along….Her Sire walked away,satisfied that there was no more to teach her….believing that the childe would very soon meet final death. Tara was alone.

But Tara did not meet final death right away. She was intelligent and resourceful. She kept mobile, knowing intuitively that with her feeding problem, she would become vampira non grata and would have to victimize those whom would not be missed, or lurk around hopital morgues to drink the heart’s blood. The Cruel Sisters found her lurking around the hospital. They took her in as a mascot of sorts. Tara is basically only acceptable to the Sabbat in any case. With the vicissitude of Darina and Renee and their knowledge of human anatomy, they showed her how to get to the heart without all the mess using a scalpel. The Cruel Sisters left on the 12th of June due to return at the end of the month-Meanwhile Wet Juliette of the Cruel Sisters has disappeared, and the two Szlacta guarding her have been killed. Tara’s attitude was waste not want not and consumed the dead blood within their hearts.

Tara’s territories are the hospital. She has honed her obfuscate discipline in order to continue to survive. She feeds from corpses at the hospital or from victims who will not be greatly missed-the illegals, street prostitutes, drug addicts,drunks and the homeless. She prefers live blood still pumping from the heart if she can get it. She switches between Emmanuel and Providence hospitals. She avoids Good Samaritan and OSHU. She has discovered St Vincent’s cardiology Hospital which she is beginning to make inroads in garnering influence.

Her goals and motivation is survival. She has made friends and allies with the Cruel Sisters, they seem willing to help her. Tara is reluctant to feed, so she is on the edge of frenzy much of the time. On the rare occasion when she is well-fed, she enjoys spreading her psychosis to hapless victims. She would like to bring her mother’s ghost to final rest, so a part of her craves final death so as to be able to join her mother in the Shadow Lands.

Sabbat Pack Cruel Sisters: Tara McCullick

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