Sabbat Pack Dogs of War: Henry Reese

His Original Pack the Dead Gypsies Were Wiped Out; He Calls His New Pack The Dogs of War


Harry Reese
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Director
Concept: Pack Ductus
Clan: Gangrel Anti-Tribu
Generation:8th up from 9th via Diablerie
Sire: Unknown


Harry and his family were headed home from a family vacation in the upper peninsula of Michigan when their car had a flat. While Harry changed the tire on a lonely side road, a number of Sabbat approached. They attacked Harry Reese and his family. On their way, to meet an enemy pack, and needing recruits, the Sabbat took Harry, his wife and his 17 year old son. The Sabbat buried them together in an old graveyard nearby. Harry was the only one to emerge from the earth.

It was a year before The Dead Gypsies accepted him as a True Sabbat. Harry continued to prove himself a skilled warrior as well as an intelligent planner and a natural diplomat in regards to the pack. He almost met final death during the brief Sabbat Civil War in Detroit, and was glad when the war came to an end in the early months of 1986. The former Dead Gypsies Ductus was vengeful however and wanted to settle some old scores with a rival pack despite the peace. Harry challenged him to a duel under Monomancy and won-making him Ductus of the Dead Gypsies. Now he seeks to bolster the sect in all ways, and was invited to join the Black Hand. He joined up.

Harry is a fierce and uncompromising leader ,and it is his way or else. Few challenge his authority, because his decisions usually prove the best course of action. He hardly ever makes split-second decisions when it comes to important or sensitive matters. He has been known to disappear for days only to return to tell the pack what they need to do. Harry is kind to all the obedient pack members and those whom have proven themselves to be trustworthy under fire. Should someone prove to be untrustworthy or challenge him, then he will put them into situations where they will meet final death.

Update: The Dead Gypsies all met final death except for he and Martha Long who survived and fled to the city’s outskirts all the way to Beaverton, where they have reformed as The Dogs of War. For now they are maintaining a low profile until they can build themselves back up to their former strength and to their former numbers

Sabbat Pack Dogs of War: Henry Reese

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