Raven Black

5'8" curvy black hair and brown eyes. 33. Changed March 1, 2007 by Lesley Markus.


Name: Raven Black
Player: NPC
Campaign: Portland at the End of All Things
Nature: Bon-Vivant
Demeanor: Celebrant
Concept: Tavern Owner
Clan: Brujah
Sire: Lesley Marcus
Haven: Rialtos Basement
Childe: Enrique Plazos (Currently in Las Vegas)

Age: 35
Apparent Age: Early 30’s
RIP: March 1st 2007
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Eyes: Brown
Hair Black
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 125
Sex: Female


I shooed the last customer out into the night’s cool and damp air. I didn’t care if they’re drunk, they just needed to leave so I may finish closing my bar. But as I turned the locks, a chair fell over only a few meters behind me. When I looked over my shoulder, no one was there. Shrugging it away, I picked up the chair back on its feet and started to clean the table tops.

This one here belonged to my father. He unfortunately past a few years ago, due to cancer. And having spent my thirty-two years in a place like this, one learns the ability to cope and manage it. In fact, I did so well that I not only upped our profits but purchased three other bars throughout the Seattle’s vast lot. I would mostly keep their names for the local’s sakes, yet improved looks and profits at the same time. Now I’m one of the top grosser’s in this state. Which is awesome, I say so myself! I’m even debating on purchasing another place, except potentially something different, like a hotel with a bar in it? Who knows, my sky is an endless possibility now in my life.

What I didn’t expect? Some dude coming from the shadows and pouncing on me. What I definitely didn’t expect, was when I woke up, I was a god damn vampire!

His name is Lesley Marcus. He called himself a Brujah, which I found later is some brawler type clan. Apparently, I fit the profile and he felt lonely. I vividly recall him coming into my bar, setting himself in some dark shadow and holding a drink that I noticed he never touched. I figured he was an alcoholic and only wanted it as a comfort, one of those heavy reminders of what happens when one gets caught up in the addiction.

I was so off the mark! Vampires don’t drink or eat. There’s been occasions when one has been seen of such things, but a rarity. Either way, it’s very annoying to find your life so fulling and then gone! Luckily, however, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t work

Lesley taught me to hunt and how to be a Brujah. He was technically Camarilla but I didn’t really care honestly. What I did care, is how the hell am I going to now keep my bar going with the fact that I’m unable to be daylight? Easy part is hiring another person to run the place, but it’s harder when you can only be at the place for part of the evening before it shuts down. Therefore, an idea struck. A 24-hour bar and lounge!

August 26th,2008

Looking dismayed at my ruined bar, I’ve grown angry at the Kindred of this town. Sure, owning a 24-hour bar and lounge worked like a charm and even some of the other Vampires came to check it out and starting up connections. Except for a downside, everyone hates each other for the most part.

Anarchists don’t care, Camarilla’s dislike everyone but themselves, and the Sabbat just want to start trouble for everyone. And this is the last straw! Apparently earlier today, I was hanging out with Lesley and others of my clan learning what I can and just making small talk for the most part. Even though I met the Prince of the Seattle and is known as Camarilla, I really wanted to be left alone So the more knowledge I sucked away, the better I’ll be.

Except for one thing My bar and lounge is one of the many places that are still under constant attack, because Seattle hasn’t been fully controlled by one side. Therefore, it’s almost an everyday thing that we’re attacked. During the day is Ghouls at night, Kindred and Ghouls. It just never ceased and I, who’ve run four bars now, would like goddamn order I my life!

Hence, I sworn to move away from this over grown zealous population and join a more civil and structured society such as Portland Oregon. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just choose this place because of the architecture nature. No, I thought about moving here before, since it was my mother’s hometown.

Although most of my family is no longer around, it made sense to build new roots where someone in lineage had once called home.

October 1st ,2008

It’s official. I have sold my bars to whom I hope will take great care of them. Although, with the crap that’s been happening around here, I have decided to already say my goodbyes and consider the future. I also decided to take my two personal Ghouls.

Connor, my daytime Manager. A blonde figure with dark eyes and tall masculine features. I figured, we can continue the 24-hour buzz with him ruling the day and I at night. Although, occasionally hiring a replacement for me if needed.

Then lastly, Misty, a fair red head with blue eyes and trouble lurking behind her curves. However, she makes a mean personal assistant and accountant. Without her, I may never have done the impossible as I have my franchises and now this unbelieve move.

Now, I just must wait. Apparently, it takes a while to go through the proceedings to obtain the money once sold. Whatever, I should be on my way to Portland sometime in November. Yay me!


Raven Black

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