A Gangrel and Baali Apostate; Baron of Vancouver


Name: Jen
Player: Jennifer Chalmers
Chronicle: Portland: At The End of All Things
Nature: child
Concept: Lost Girl
Clan: Gangrel/Baali Apostate
Generation: 8th up From 10th via Diablerie
Sire: Raphael (Deceased)/Euronymous
Haven: Bassanova Ballroom
Childer: Doom (Deceased) Steve Purcell,Patricia Macomber

Age 25
Apparent Age:17
Date of Birth:1986
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Canadian
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black (Dyed)
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 115
Sex: Female


Well some shit went down and my sire is gone..:( I`m totally bummed.. I`m not sure what I`m going to do now but one thing I know for sure is I`m so going to kill the evil bastard that is responsible..!!!! HE IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!!
He is going down like a rotten banana!! I`m going to rip him apart.
sigh even though he is super cute and tasty too!….NO NO..He is BAD…..!!!

I just don`t know what to do now, I`m angry and I hate people… I mean what use are people anyway? Besides their blood anyway. They are like a walking drive thru. Yes please I will have another..and another. Oh.. I`m sorry I killed you, too f-in bad for you, now give me your money so I can go shopping.
Damnit… The one thing that sucks is that color wont stay in my hair:/ when I get up it`s back to black.. Which is okay I guess but what if I want a change?!?

Okay so here is “My” story..

I grew up in Victoria BC with my mother Sofia, my father Tom aka the DRUNK..rolls eyes and my older brother Jake. I have no idea where Jake is now, I suppose he probably did the smart thing and left. My parents really didn`t care what I did or where I went. My mother was too busy working her ass off to support the family and my fathers drinking habit to even pay attention to us.
So since my mother worked all the time and my father sat on his ass drinking.. oh joy ..I had to find other ways to entertain myself. Which I guess is how I got into this situation. Don`t get me wrong I love my new life. It`s just different, but it`s good. I always do well with “different” anyway.

I remember the night I ran away, my mother had just got home and my father was already drunk on his ass bitching..Like always. I`m not really sure where my brother was, I`m sure if he had been home though he would have talked me out of leaving, he was always trying his best to look out for me since I don`t always make the BEST decisions….

I was familiar with the streets though because I took off often, sometimes leaving for a few days at a time but I always ended up going back eventually..I mean what 18 year old wants to live outside anyway?? But this night was different..I had to just get away from the house and all the BS that went along with it, and I had no plan of going back this time..

I was sitting on the side of the street, well the curb..It was starting to get dark and I was thinking of where I was going to go next.. Home was NOT an option.. I sat there for hours just thinking about everything that had happened, thinking about all the nights that my father went insane while drinking, and then taking it all out on us.. I wiped tears from my face and then I heard something, I looked behind me, I couldn`t see anything or anyone just dark buildings, and shadows.
I stared at the ground wiping tears from my eyes when all of a sudden something shadowed over me, I looked up and there he was.. Well at the time I had no idea who he was. He could have been a creeper for all I knew!!!
He rested a hand on my shoulder and he seemed nice. He talked to me a bit, asking what was wrong and why I was out there all alone. I explained to him that I just needed to get away. I didn`t go into details, but it was like he already knew.

My goal now is to do anything and everything that I can for him..In my eyes he helped me! He gave me some where safe…well sorta.
But with him I feel safe, and now with my new life I almost feel as I can do anything~

It`s an on going battle for my Sire`s attention, but he will come through.. I think.. He`s just a little..standoffish? But I like it..sorta:/
His teaching technique is a little in your face.. but still, he is teaching me..which is much better then completely ignoring me right?
I mean I love my life now, but it`s..hmmm what`s the word..DIFFERENT..
I feel that I`m forever in his debt for what he did for me, so of course I do everything he my best ability anyway, I`v only been in this life since August, but I do what I can..

So I guess that`s really what my life will be now.. I don`t mind it, I have someone who obviously has some faith in me, and what I can do..otherwise why would he send me out to do these things?
As I grow in my new life, well not so much a life..but hmm what`s the word?? well I have no for now lets call it a life.. I`m always learning new things, always on an adventure… But I`m loving everything that I am. like I said I feel like I can do anything!!

So for now I`m here.. trying to soften up my Sire a little, hanging out with the coolest cat I`v ever met or had! his name is MoJo by the way..and he is pretty awesome.

Ok so here is a little bit of how it went down..
The night he found me he asked if I wanted to go with him, he says he will take care of me and all that so I figured what choice do I have? He seems ok, I have no place to go I went with him. He had a trippy van that I guess he said he got from a gypsy which I think is pretty cool. We travel a little bit in the awesome van, out of Canada and into the great US.. I`v never been to the United States so I was excited! We ended up staying at a campsite, this is basically my first camping trip ever! WOO parents never took us camping and here I am with a stranger..having my first ever camping trip.
So he told me to go to bed and not to wait up for him, hmm well no one tells me to go to bed, but I was tired anyway so I didn`t argue..and at this point I still don`t know the dude..he could be a total creeper!
All of a sudden I wake up to him FREAKIN biting me! WTH?!?
After the shock of it though it was a little intense and I gotta tell ya I liked it.. I sorta blacked out at that point. When I woke up I saw two fellow campers tied and gagged in front of me. I`m thinking to myself, wow he has some interesting ideas..Then HUNGER. It`s like crazy, I haven`t eating for a week or more hunger and it`s all I can think about.
I need to eat at this point, then I felt something sharp in my mouth and I cut my tongue..OMG I have fangs. Like real vampire fangs! I`m confused..but all I can think of is FOOD! He looks at me and tells me the campers are all mine, and I`m to come out when I`m finished. I look at them, and I`m kinda weirded out by it, but oh so hungry too.. So I go for it, I bit her first and it felt amazing, the hunger was fading and I felt great.. Well as I was feeding off her she started to black out and he comes in and grabs my hair and pulls me off! GEEZ….and yes this how he always is…He tells me to lick her wound, I do and it starts to heal instantly, pretty cool huh?! so yeah that`s my story.. It`s an interesting life really..

He`s a pretty cool guy really, taught me things he says I needed to know, oh I have some cool wolf eye thing I can do, which I must say is pretty neat..


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