Gareth Winston

A Politically Driven Ventrue


Name: Gareth Winston
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland at the End of All Things
Nature: Plotter
Demeanor: Competitor
Concept: Political Animal
Sire: Alexander Langley
Title: Neonate
Clan: Ventrue


Gareth Winston was born as an identical twin to his brother Gavin. Gareth was born second of the two, but this would prove to be the only time Gareth would come in second in regards to his brother. The twins were born to wealth and privilege in the city of Winston-Salem North Carolina. The town was named after their great great great grandfather. Their father was involved in state ,local, and later, national politics. He often drilled the maxim into their heads that with wealth and privilege comes a certain amount of responsibility. Their father hoped that they would follow in his footsteps and take some sort of political office one day. Gareth grew up with a sense of intense competition. His father encouraged it between the two boys. Gareth dominated the attention of his parents , and out performed his brother in school, socially, mentally, and physically in almost every way , except for mechanical aptitude. In this, Gavin proved better . Their father began, nevertheless to favor Gareth with his special tidbits of wisdom and advice, always raising the bar of expectations.

In prep school Gareth and Gavin were inseparable-They shared a bond which only twins can share. By this time, Gavin acknowledged the superiority of Gareth and retired into the background more and more, becoming a sort of errand boy or majordomo to the more gregarious and dominant Gareth. Both Gareth and Gavin became avid chess players, and both were active in school politics. Gareth became class president while Gavin became vice president or secretary.

Gareth went to Harvard Law school and studied both political science and economics. Gavin attended Princeton where he studied Public Relations and criminal justice. It was the first time the two would be separated for any length of time. During his years at Harvard, Gareth joined all the right societies, clubs, and dated the right sorority girl and joined the right fraternity. As at prep school, he was politically active on campus and very ambitious.

As a senior Gareth ran for city councilman, and beat out his opponent who dropped out in the final weeks. It turns out, Gareth discovered a well-guarded secret about a certain affair his opponent was having and threatened to reveal said secret to the press. Yet Gareth mysteriously lost the race to a late entry candidate. Little did Gareth know that this candidate was backed by the Ventrue. In any case, Gareth’s campaign attracted the attention of the Ventrue clan who backed the late entry candidate who defeated Gareth. The clan also took note of Gareth’s ruthlessness, his competitive spirit and his endless desire to acquire power. Not only that, Gareth came from old money with many political connections. Gareth was crushed by his defeat however, and would never forget the bitterness of defeat or any defeat thereafter, and swore vengeance on anyone who beat him. (-2 Vengeance)

His Sire Alexander Lang is a Harpy for Boston’s Camarilla, and was given the boon of progeny for his long service to the Prince. He chose Gareth. Using the pretext of political backing for Gareth’s next race, Alexander arranged a meeting and Embraced Gareth into the Ventrue clan. While he was finding his refined feeding taste, he became bound (-2) It was later discovered that Gareth may only feed upon those whom he has competed against in some fashion, and won. ,whether it be physically, mentally, socially or even something as simple as a game of chess-the victim must be defeated by Gareth somehow. Alexander is also his mentor and he was taught everything he needed to know about kindred and the Ventrue clan specifically.
After several years with his sire, Gareth returned to Winston-Salem, and was reunited with his brother. He set about blood binding Gavin as his Master had done to him, revealing to him what he had become. He reunited also with his now aged parents. With his father’s help he re-established his father’s political contacts and influence. His parents died, and he inherited the family fortune (Resources 5) For some strange reason, his brother Gavin inherited only a pittance of the estate. As it turns out, both parents died in a car crash once certain modifications had been done to their vehicle, namely feeding the carbon-monoxide from their exhaust into the car’s cabin.
While Gareth was in North Carolina, he made valuable contacts and influence from his father in the political arena( Influence-2 and Contacts-2) all with his sights upon Tennessee where his sire commanded him to go and present himself to the local Prince-(-1 New Arrival) He has no idea of who the kindred are in the new city.
Gareth has bought an impressive mansion in the best neighborhood. His twin Gavin looks after him during the day and runs errands which Gareth cannot. They look similar enough that upon casual perusal they are often mistaken for one another until the two are placed side by side and examined more closely, then it is obvious who is who. Gareth’s feeding grounds are mostly at an upper crust gentleman’s club where he is able to feed from those from whom he competes in games such as chess, billiards, cards, plus other more “complex” games based on wealth, power, wits, intellect and charisma and manipulation which are the sort of games Gareth truly prefers. At the club he meets society’s movers and shakers along with important city/state politicians.
Gareth’s twitch( -1) is to knock twice on a table whenever he makes a point, or when he wins or is frustrated somehow. It is a habit he had during his mortal days which has increased since he has become a vampire. The Embrace has also made him more impatient (-1) and impulsive. He has been known to jump to conclusions and go off half-cocked before he has all the information necessary.

Gareth’s motivation and goals are to gain more power and status. He was a very ambitious mortal, but he has become even more ambitious and ruthless since being Embraced into the Ventrue clan. He would like to earn his way into an office whether it be the clan whip, harpy or, perhaps, something more given time and power.

Gareth Winston

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