Don Adolfo Giovanni

This Giovanni Elder Acts as Primogen of the Recognized Independents


Name: Don Adolfo Giovanni
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Manipulator
Demeanor: Deviant
Concept: Don and Necromancer
Clan: Giovanni
Generation: 8th
Sire: Lucretia Giovanni
Haven: Giovanni Mansion
Areas of Influence: Port of Portland City Coroners, Funeral Homes, Organized Crime

Apparent Age:26
DOB: 5.5.1690
Proxy Kissed:1716
RIP: September 1754
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Brown
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Italian
Height: 5’11

Adolpho 120 years ago


The scion of Giovanni activity in Boston has now moved his operations to Portland, Oregon where he has become Cappo di tutti cappi in the west. Adolfo Giovanni was born in 1690 in a tiny Sicilian town. He was inducted into the stranger aspects of the family at age 10. By age 12, he was fully aware of vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural beings and unlike most Giovanni, he was offered the Proxy Kiss which he refused until he was older.

In 1716, Adolfo finally accepted the vampire blood of his family. He spent several decades as a ghoul, continuing his studies into vampirism (both folklore and truth); the human mind, possessions, sex and anything else reported to be demonically inspired. He had a great deal of trouble accepting that an evil being lurked in a dark burning pit sending people impulses and changing ordinary people into murderers and rapists. After all, godly men fell from grace while pagan people did just fine when they were left alone. He finally came to the conclusion that people were simply afraid. They set rules for themselves that they couldn’t possibly follow, swore allegiance to a king they’d never met, or some improbable deity, and then wondered why they were so miserable. Adolfo Giovanni laughed at mortal foibles and decided he’d had enough of fear. He renounced human nature, and vowed to spend his life quietly trying to perfect his own condition, and to see what he could do to perfect others’. It was this decision and his unwavering contempt of fear that attracted him to the attention of Lucretia Giovanni.

The Embrace didn’t change Adolfo much; he continued studying people and the wraiths, the vampiric condition , the human condition and all that was supernatural. As a vampire, however, he was able to truly refine his Necromancy, and made leaps and bounds in that field as well. He was amazed to discover that mortal weaknesses amplified tremendously in death, so he about applying his study, specifically to wraiths. Such a skilled scholar, necromancer who was also a superb financier and leader could hardly escape the notice of the clan, however.

In 1920, he was sent to Boston to aid the resident Giovanni. They acknowledged Adolfo as a leader quickly, and when the former head of operations was slain in a riot in 1921. Adolfo assumed nominal leadership of the family’s interests. He immediately reassigned or disposed of the former don’s minions and instituted his own. Stephano Giovanni, the former don’s grand-childe, was the only one he kept.

After stabilizing the east coast, in late 1947, after leaving a worthy replacement in Boston he came to the west coast to be near the prize jewel of the Giovanni domain, Las Vegas. He chose to stay in Portland for its relative sedateness and the ease of gathering influence. He was also close to to Las Vegas so as to sweep in if Schlomo Rothstein bungled things too badly.

He enjoys the hunt, He usually hunts at the many nightclubs throughout Portland using his charm and seduction to do so.

Image: Adolfo is a slender Italian man with olive skin, a thin goatee and a cherubic smirk on his face. Adolfo easily adopts a mask, be it to fool reporters, seduce a vessel, or parlay with the prince. He favors expensive suits and luxury cars. He loves the glamour of being a Mafioso brings.

Roleplaying: You consider yourself a pioneer of psychology, another Freud or Jung, except without the limitations of mortality( or cocaine). You can (and did) study what effects a childhood encounter with a monster will have on an adult-and on that adult’s children, and their children, and so forth. The scientific possibilities are unlimited. Pity you’ll never be published.

You are curious about- even obsessed with-sex and death. All cultures have taboos on these subjects-Why? You never feared death and always found sex natural with either gender. You miss the physical act sometimes, but you can still draw pleasure from a partner who wants something new, and different if not downright painful. Such partners are getting harder to find, however.

Behind the scientist is a brilliant financier and necromancer. You serve the clan with all your considerable ability, confident that eventually, the shadow lands and the living world will merge, and then, what games you will play.

Don Adolfo Giovanni

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