One of the Strangest Ghouls of Portland or Anywhere


Augusta appears as an eight week infant, but she is now three years old and a ghoul.Once a week Bunny fills up Augusta’a bottle with her vitae….Now she is something else.


The story goes that Freak accidentally killed his prey while feeding on the water front not realizing his victim was a mother of an infant. Bunny and he found the pram and put two and two together.Augusta is now over three years old. Lately,however the infant has developed fangs and Bunny has began to feed the ghouled infant directly from her breasts.Her appetite also seems to be increasing as a result. This is most certainly an abomination of the highest order….Augusta as a ghoul is fairly useless other than providing Bunny with happiness and companionship. Maybe that is enough. Who knows what might happen to Augusta? Will she remain a new born infant permanently? What will happen if she is no longer fed and what does the development of fangs in the infant portend? Might it become some hybrid Dhampir? These questions and others would certainly be of interest to Dr. Netchurch!

Update: Dr Netchurch is now in possession of the ghoul Augusta. She was taken from Bunny by former Sheriff Richard Graycin of House Tremere. Dr Netchurch is performing a number of experiments on the three year old “Infant” at his laboratories at Chapel Hill North Carolina.


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