Amy Simpson

Bound to the Toreador Primogen She Controls a Lingerie Modeling Boutique Downtown, and Is Active in the Second Thursday Monthly Art Street fair


Name: Amy Simpson
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Masochist
Concept: Embraced Ghoul
Sire: Meghan Taylor (Deceased)
Areas of Influence: Second Thursdays Street Art Fair on Mississippi Ave,Pussycats Lingerie Modeling Shops

Apparent Age:33
Date of Birth: 6.20.1972
Ghouled: 8-2005
RIP: 6-2007
Hair Mousey Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Nationality: Irish/English
Height: 5’4"
Sex: Female


Simpson’s life took a downward spiral once she got into serious drugs. Her boyfriend Reggie was the cause. Before she met Reggie, she smoked weed with maybe the occasional line of coke or, an all night session of binge drinking, but then Reggie introduced her to methamphetamine- that was it. She fucked like a rabbit all night long, and could work on her art. She was a talented multi medium artist who used to display her works on street galleries. But what meth gave her; it then took away doubly so. The two quickly became hardcore addicts. Amy began to prostitute herself to get ice for her and her boyfriend.

Eventually they were arrested for stealing a car. Her boyfriend who had broken his parole was sent away to finish his sentence. Amy found herself all alone, and after her boyfriend got clean in prison,he broke up with her. Amy herself broke probation, and was busted again this time for possession, and she continued to go through the revolving door of using-jail-using until she buckled down and became clean long enough to complete her probation. She once worked in a setite brothel in the depths of her addiction,but she had no idea.

She left Portland to get away from the using crowd and moved to Spokane where she tried to live a straight and narrow life,but she ended up relapsing again. She was selling herself for 20 dollars a lay,10 for a blowjob, and 100 for an overnight. In each case,the client had to also buy her crystal. When Meghan Taylor found her, Amy had hit bottom. Meghan was a Toreador anti-tribu who, in life, practiced plastic surgery. As a cainanite she also had vicissitude which expanded her surgical pallet. She found Amy’s body voluptuously attractive, and wanted to use her as a test subject in order to make improvements. Age had caused Amy’s breasts to sag a bit which Meghan fixed to both their delight.

Meghan began to feed Amy her vitae, and made Amy stay off meth. Amy’s outlook improved and she found herself in love with her mistress. Amy helped control Meghan’s prostitution on Spague Street. Amy was not beyond turning a few tricks herself. She loves sex and and vitae had done wonders for her already elevated sex drive. Amy began to paint again, and opened a massage parlor as well. Meghan havened with her from time to time in the basement.

But things changed for Amy forever on Monday the 26th of May 2007. Meghan came to Amy,and Meghan’s beauty took Amy’s breath away. Meghan was using her considerable presence powers on her. Amy became wet when she saw her-Meghan who became an expert at reading Amy’s signs of lust, smiled at her in response,and Meghan walked up to her and kissed her deeply. She asked Amy if she was ready to undergo the transformation. Amy nodded shyly,it was something she greatly desired, or so she thought. Meghan bit down on Amy’s throat which caused Amy to cry out in pleasurable agony-Then everything went black, and she knew no more.

When Amy awoke once more she immediately felt different. Her heart no longer beat and she was not breathing. She was wracked with hunger and Meghan gave her one of the girls to feed upon, a friend of Amy’s,but her need for blood was all consuming, and she drained her dry. She felt remorseful,yet she wanted more. Meghan commanded her to prepare herself and get ready to depart for Portland. Her new leader would be Olivia Oberlin- a Lasombra Pack Ductus, and in order to survive she would have to prove herself to Olivia. Amy never saw Meghan again. Amy did as she was told completely confused and overwhelmed. She had thought she would stay with Meghan forever, but instead she was a candidate as a new pack member of “The Night Terrors”. Most candidates were not expected to survive. Their main purpose was to break the Masquerade in Portland by feeding and frenzying in the streets while the Sabbat-the sword of caine swooped down and destroyed as many Camarilla, bringing down the Ivory Tower of Portland.

Of course things did not go according to plan. The pack of fledglings and the Ductus were destroyed almost immediately by a Tremere ambush. Amy just managed to escape horrified by what she witnessed. Amy hid herself on the streets, and learned the hard way how to feed and control her hunger and to stay off the kindred radar. She managed to get a job at a lingerie modeling booth. She was eventually discovered by Therese-the Toreador Primogen however. Fortunately for Amy, the Toreador controlled the sex trade of Portland. Therese thought of her as a feral kitten and took Amy under her wing once she learned of Amy’s history and her clan. Amy was blood bound to Therese, and Therese managed to get Amy accepted by the interim Prince by calling in favors. Therese has taken it upon herself to mentor Amy in the Camarilla ways and have Amy as a loyal and loving pet. Amy’s love is as fierce for Therese as it once was for Meghan.

Amy has been given control of The Boutique-the lingerie modelling place she once worked. She feeds upon the customers and sometimes the girls. Amy is also allowed access to the Melody Ballroom and the Toreador herd. Amy is about 5’4" tall with a very curvaceous and voluptuous figure enhanced somewhat by Meghan’s vicissitude modifications. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Amy is a sexual and sensuous being and even as a kindred enjoys sex with both males and females with the end result being obtaining blood. She has also resumed painting and Therese is her patron and protegee, hoping that her adopted Childe will prove to be a true artiste of the clan.

Amy Simpson

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