Portland: At the End of All Things

Primogen Meeting 6th November 2010
New Kindred Are Introduced

The Primogen Council was held at Midnight wherein new Kindred were introduced into the city, namely Dembe of Clan Setite,represented by the Independent Primogen Adolfo Giovanni, and Gwendolyn Smith represented by Lesley Marcus Primogen of Clan Brujah.

After the two Kindred were interviewed by the Primogen and tested on the Traditions a vote was taken among the Primogen for the toleration of Dembe of Clan Setite

Brujah: Yay  Gangrel: Nay Malkavian: Yay Nosferatu: Nay Toreador: Yay Tremere: Yay Ventrue: Nay

4-3 for toleration of Dembe of Clan Setite within the Prince's domain. Sheriff Henry Ballantine and Scourge Uma witnessed these proceedings.

Immediately thereafter a vote was held for Gwendolyn Smith of Clan Brujah

Brujah: Yay Gangrel: Yay Malkavian: Yay Nosferatu: Yay Toreador: Nay Tremere: Nay Ventrue: Nay

4-3 for toleration of Gwendolyn Smith of Clan Brujah within the Prince's domain

The Meeting ended with an explanation of toleration versus acceptance, and that a favor was owed to the Prince before acceptance. That favor would be the ferreting out of a Sabbat pack embedded someplace in Beaverton.

The meeting ended with Sheriff Ballantine warning the neonates of the dire consequences of breaking the Masquerade or the First Tradition.

I Tabitha Knowles od the Clanless wrote these minutes on behest of the Prince Cohn Rose-Prince of Portland Regent of Clan Tremere and Lord of the Northwest

Primogen Meeting 10th January Saturday 2009
In Which the Fate of Bunny is Decided

I Tabitha Knowles of the Clanless have faithfully Taken the Minutes of the Primogen Meeting of January 10th Saturday 2009.

Our Benevolent Prince Benedic First pronounced the purpose of this first Primogen meeting  was to determine the fate of Bunny, Ancilla of Clan Malkavian who  used a discipline on Portland's former Tremere Sheriff, Richard Greycin, rendering him insane. The charge was brought up by the Tremere Clan Regent, Cohn Rose.

Prince Benedic stated that he would allow the Primogen to vote on this matter and he would vote only if there was a tie.

The Regent stated that a blood hunt should be called, as the Malkavian Bunny did use a dangerous discipline and that in recent nights has been more unstable and unpredictable than usual. Furthermore she impersonated an official from Vienna as a prank destabilizing the entire clan who had recently lost their status as the ruling clan of Portland due to the destruction of Prince and Lord of the Northwest, Natasha Rusenova. The new Regent Cohn Rose also made the claim that there is a potential danger of the Masquerade being broken by her behavior. "She must be stopped".

Prince Benedic put the matter to a vote among the Primogen. a vote of Yea would be to proceed with the Lexitalonis; (hereafter known as the Blood Hunt) while a vote of Nay would signify no Blood Hunt would go forward.

Brujah Primogen Lesley Marcus voted Yea, stating that he did not know the details of situation, but that a threat to the Masquerade is a threat to us all.

Gangrel Primogen pro tem. Jen voted Yea. She gave no reason for her vote.

Malkavian Primogen Keller Thiel voted Nay, stating that he would not vote against his clan mate whom was much wronged by the Tremere in this matter and deserved the prank.

Nosferatu Primogen Daniel Tanner voted Nay, stating he looked into the matter and Bunny's reaction was provoked by the Sheriff.

Toreador Primogen Therese Marsee voted Yay, stating that setting such a precedent for lawless use of disciplines and pranks among the Kindred Community would be dangerous and that Bunny should be prosecuted to the full extent of Kindred law, if for nothing else, as an example to others.

Tremere Regent Cohn Rose voted Yea, stating that he has given his reasons for his vote previously.

Ventrue Primogen Emily Carson voted Nay. She did not give a reason for her vote.

Giovanni Primogen and Representative of the the clan-less and Independent Clans of Portland, Anna Rosselini voted Nay. She did not give her reason for her vote.

Prince Benedic observed that the vote stood at 4 for Yea and 4 for Nay-a tie. Prince Benedic then voted-Nay stating that the Jihad may have continued between the Tremere and Ventrue clan if it weren't for Bunny's timely and distracting prank; though he stated that Bunny would receive a stern rebuke in the matter and asked the Primogen of Clan Malkavian to bring Bunny to Elysium once she is found for said rebuke.

Regent Cohn Rose promised that he would abide by the Council's decision tonight. He nor his clan would seek retribution against the Malkavian Bunny.


Other Business

Primogen of Clan Nosferatu Daniel Tanner asked if he may Embrace his candidate as payment for an unspecified boon he performed for the Prince. The Prince granted him this privilege only after he had done his own background check. Primogen Daniel Tanner assured the Prince that he has made the preparations necessary to preserve the Masquerade in this matter. The Prince reiterated that he would investigate it himself.

Primogen of Clan Brujah Lesley Marcus requested if he could move on Mary's Club a strip club at the outer reaches of the rack. Prince Benedic granted the request with the caveat so long as it is not otherwise claimed.

Primogen of Clan Toreador  Therese Marsee stated that the strip clubs and sex industry were the province of Clan Toreador. "Do you wish to compete with Clan Toreador in this"?

Primogen Marcus of Clan Brujah stated that it had not been claimed and that it was neglected. He further stated that he looked into it and saw that the territory had not been claimed. "Only now that I demonstrate interest does it become a Toreador concern and why should clan Toreador have all the strip clubs of Portland-There are so many…

Primogen Therese Marsee stated that they should discuss this matter further at a later time.

No further business was brought up and the Primogen exeunt severally.

The Primogen meeting ended 1:10 am January 11th 2009


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